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When Mex Joe Met Jole Blon Teclado

Hank Snow

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When Mex Joe Met Jole Blon

Recorded by Hank Snow 
Writter by Sheb Wooley 
C When F Mexican Joe met Jole C Blon 
Si, Si, G7 Si, oui, oui, how they carried C on 
He F held her tight and danced all night 
And C crossed the border at daylight 
When G7 Mexican Joe met Jole C Blon. 
Mexican Joe was wild and reckless 
He walked into a honky-tonk in Texas 
Looking for some real romance and pettin' 
On a barroom stool alone this doll was settin' 
He walked up to the bar and said, "I think I'll have a drink 
Three fingers of tequilla; will clear my head, I think." 
Well, she looked around and caught his eye 
And Joe said, "I ... yi, yi, yi, yi." 
When Mexican Joe met Jole Blon. 
Joe said, "Lovely senorita 
Let's go out and paint the town." 
So he danced her and romanced her  
And he showed that gal around 
Jole Blon said, "I'm so hungry."  
And she breathed a little sigh 
So he fed her filet gumbo, enchiladas, on the side. 
Then he held her close and whispered 
"Will you be mine for life? 
She said, "Oui, monsieur, but tell me 
What'll we do about your wife?" 
But he shouted, "Ah, Caramba 
I think I'd better go." 
So he swam he swam across the river 
And went back to Mexico. 
Repeat 1st verse. 

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