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The Rhumba Boogie Teclado

Hank Snow

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The Rhumba Boogie

Recorded by Hank Snow 
Written by Clarence E. Snow 
D Welcome all you children, give a listen to me 
Let me tell you about a new D7 boogie beat  
There's G no hesitation, it's sweepin' the D nation 
It's the A Rhumba Boogie done the South American D way. 
While Madame Lazonga was teachin' La Conga 
In her little cabana in old Havana 
We were doin' the Charleston and Ballin' the Jack 
Then that old Black Bottom till they started that Jitterbug Rag. 
Then across the water came Cuban Pete 
He started a boogie to the Rhumba beat 
It's the Rhumba Boogie let's give it a whirl 
While he plays the boogie in the South American style.  
Well, you step out together then you circle around 
Count one, two, three, then put your right foot down 
Then you circle your lady, as you swing and you sway 
To the Rhumba Boogie in the South American way. 
When that old piano, it starts to ring 
Ever'body then starts to sing 
To the Rhumba Boogie, done the tropical style 
It's the Rhumba Boogie and they're doin' it all of the while. 
Well, the guy responsible for leadin' the band 
He yeIls "Do your stuff it's the best in best In the land" 
It's the Rhumba Boogie, let's dance it awhile 
To the Boogie Woogie done the Rhumba Cuban all-style.  

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