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Night I Stole Sammys Gin Teclado

Hank Snow

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Night I Stole Sammys Gin

Words and music by Clarence E. (Hank) Snow 
D Listen folks and I will A7 tell a funny D story  
You may think it sad but D7 I was in my A7 glory  
'Twas a D cellar I crept D7 in, cobwebs G brushing by my chin  
On the D night I stole old A7 Sammy Morgan's D gin.  
As my hand fell on the jug I had to snicker  
But when I started for the door I went much quicker  
For just up above my head someone jumped right out of bed  
On the night I stole old Sammy Morgan's gin.  
As I left that cellar believe me, I was liftin'  
And the hops from one arm to the other shiftin'  
Then I stopped and hauled the plug, sat there till I drained the jug  
Had my mind all set, no spare drops I was missin'.  
Then on my feet I thought I was, but wasn't  
And for roads, I guess I saw about a dozen  
When I reached the old porch door I went smack-o on the floor  
On the night I stole old Sammy Morgan's gin.  
I just made one step and landed in the coal-box  
Then from off the mantle came a Big Ben 'larm clock  
But I finally got upstairs after passing seven bears  
'Twas the night I stole old Sammy Morgan's gin.  
By my bedroom door an owl stood taking tickets  
Then the monkey stood before me baking biscuits  
But the funniest sight of all was two roosters playing ball  
On the night I stole old Sammy Morgan's gin.  
I saw mice as big as horses washing dishes  
As an ape came in the door dressed up in britches  
Then the floor fell on my head as I tried to get in bed  
'Twas the night I stole old Sammy Morgan's gin.  
Well, I woke next morning guess 'twas closer ev'nin'  
And my room was certainly in an awful shape  
Someone else had took my head and left an elephant's there instead   
On the morning after drinking Sammy's gin.  

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