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Break Her Heart

	  Intro: (B-Ebm)4x   B  C#7  B     

          F#7                             Ebm 
When you call she doesnt answer, when you write  she doesnt answer 
            F#7                           C#7 
When you go out you see him with her, she told you she was sick at home 
F#7                          Ebm 
The ring you gave her thrown away with all the letters 
    F#7                             C#7 
And When you see him wither her, he doesn't even care at all 

As she follows him around like you follow her around 
He doesnt even care and you're figuring out 
The only way your gonna keep somebody around 
Well Im about to let you know 

B Theres something I dont understand Ebm The only way a woman is gonna want a man B The only way you'll ever keep her in your hands Ebm Is breaking apart her heart B Don't tell her she is the reason that you live Ebm Don't give her everything that you got to give B If you want to keep the girl for as long as you live C#7 Just break apart her heart
B F#7 Can't you see the way she's crying Ebm Well that's what keeps her trying, F#7 She knew that she could have you C#7 F#7 And he don't give her what she wants Ebm There is truth about this, you say you want to be noticed F# C#7 Ebm Well if you want to be noticed, you gotta learn to break some hearts Dont try to understand ( REFRAO ) Ebm C#7 Ebm Can't you see what you've done? What I've become, what I've become C# Can't you see? Base: C#-B-Ebm Solo 3x Ebm B Ebm B Can't you see? Ebm B I don't understand this cruelty, I don't understand but now I see ( REFRAO ) B Ebm I don't understand this cruelty B Ebm I don't understand...its just not me. B Ebm B C# I don't understand this cruelty, but now I see

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