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Áño: 1996 - Álbum: The Essential Gloria Estefan

Tono:  D# Más
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	       D#     D#/C#             Cm     Fm  Bb  
Some dreams live on in time forever  
      D#          D#/C#              G# -G#m  
Those dreams, you want with all your hea-art  
         Cm             Fm  
And I'll do whatever it takes  
       Cm                          Fm  
follow through with the promisse I made  
Put it all on the line  
       (F#)                        Bb  
What I hopped for at last would be mine  
D# Bb If I could reach, higher Fm Just for one moment touch the sky G# From that one moment in my life D# Bb I'm gonna be stronger Fm Know that I've tried my very best G# I'd put my spirit to the test Bb If I could reach
D# D#/C# Cm Fm Bb Some days are meant to be remembered D# D#/C# G# -G#m Those days we rise above the stars Cm Fm So I'll go the distance this time Cm Fm Seeing more the higher I climb F# (F#) Bb That the more that this dream will be mine (Repeat Chorus) (Agora com F C Gm Bb ) If I could reach, higher Just for one moment touch the sky From that one moment in my life I'm gonna be stronger I'm gonna be so much stronger Yes I am I put my spirit to the test If I could reach, higher If I could, If I could If I could reach Reach, I'd reach, I'd reach I'd reach, I'd reach so much higher Be stronger

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