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When The Last Curtain Falls Teclado

George Jones


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When The Last Curtain Falls

Intro Chords: 
F#m  F#m/A  D  A 
     A                                                E   D  
Even though I still sting from the words you threw at me 
           A                                              E 
There's no pleasure at all from watching you fall to your knees 
           D                                              A                        D 
'Cause the tables have turned and I'm finally learning to live and forgive and let go 
                   A        D            A          E           A  
There's no sweet revenge at love's angry end and we all need to know 

A When the last curtain falls with a final goodbye G D A And the bitter cold darkness of night floods the days of our light F#m D A D With the silence so loud we can’t feel at all A D A D E A There’s no reason or cause to cheer or applause when the last curtain falls
The irony is that you’re wearing the look I once wore And in truth I’ve longed for this moment to settle the score But it’s not all clear now that I’m hearing you echo the thoughts of my sould The justice of time is not really mine and I want you to know Chorus

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