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On The Other Hand Teclado

George Jones



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On The Other Hand


G                                         C 
On one hand I count the reasons I could stay with you 
G                           D   
And hold you close to me, all night long. 
G                               C 
So many lover's games I could play with you 
            A                       D    
and on that hand I see no reason why it's wrong 

C G But on the other hand, There's a golden band D G To remind of someone who would not understand C G On one hand I could stay and be your loving man D G But the reason I must go is on the other hand
G C In your arms I feel the passion, I thought had died G D When I looked into your eyes I found myself G C When I first kissed your lips I felt sooo alive A D I've got to hand it to you girl, you're something else Chorus

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