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Anit Nobody Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone Teclado

George Jones



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Anit Nobody Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

G                          C               G 
Well I remember back in my younger days of high school 
Back then baseball was my biggest dream 
    G                    C 
But when I stood in line for my turn at bat 
I found that wasn't where they wanted me at 
  A7                   D7                G 
I wound up totting the water for all the teams 

                              C                G 
Well there ain't nobody gonna miss me when I'm leaving 
There ain't nobody ever loved me very long 
   G                 C 
No matter how much I miss our show 
I get kicked around everywhere I go 
      A7                 D7               G 
There ain’t nobody gonna miss me when I'm gone 

                     C                     G 
So when my Uncle Sam called me to serve my country 
I stood up brave and smiled and packed my duds 
    G                   C 
But to my surprise when I got there 
They gave me the boots and cut my hair 
  A7                     D7                  G 
I wound up scrubbing the floor and a peeling spuds 

Repeat #2 

                              C               G 
Well I met me a pretty little girl one day in Nashville 
I loved her more than all of my wildest dreams 
    G                       C 
She took me for my money my house and my boat 
And didn't even leave me a goodbye note 
  A7                     D7           G 
I gave it all up boy did she strip me clean 

Repeat #2 

                         C                G 
There ain't nobody gonna miss me when I'm gone 

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