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Summertime Teclado

George Gershwin



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(George Gershwin)

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	  Intro:   Am6   Bm7   Cmaj7/6  Bm7  X2   
                  Am6   Bm7   Cmaj7/6   
               Bm7   Am6  Bm7   Cmaj7/6  Bm7   
And the livin' is easy 
Fish are jumpin,  
             Ebdim      E7+/9  E9   E7/9-    Eaug         
And the cotton is high 
                    Am7     Bm7   Cmaj7/6   		 
Your daddy's rich 
                    Bm7                 Am6     Bm7   Cmaj7/6    D7 
And your momma's good-lookin' 
     Cmaj7                  Bm7/b5   Bb7           Am6     Bm7   Cmaj7/6  Bm7 
So hush, little baby,       don't  you cry 
(solo over verse) 
                 Am6  Bm7   Cmaj7/6         
One of these mornings,  
                     Bm7    Am6  Bm7   Cmaj7/6  Bm7  
you're gonna rise up singin' 
Spread your l wings, 
          Ebdim      E7+/9   E9   E7/9-    Eaug 
And take to the sky 
                 Am6     Bm7   Cmaj7/6 
until that mornin' 
         Bm7         Am6     Bm7   Cmaj7/6    D7 
Ain't nothin' can harm you,  
        Cmaj7                    Bm7/b5 Bb7           Am6     Bm7   Cmaj7/6    1.  Bm7      2.   D7 
With Mammy and Daddy              standing by 
    Cmaj7                  Bm7   E7                             (rest)  Am6     Bm7   Cmaj7/6  Bm7  Am7 
So hush, little baby,           baby  don't  you cry.. 

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