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Is Yours Is Mine Teclado

Gene Clark

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Is Yours Is Mine

	  D  G        D 
Is yours is mine 
              Bm        G              D  
Inside misunderstanding lines you have gone 
              Bm                 G                    D 
Maybe there's time for something more than what we've done 
Am             Em            C 
Wishing not to hold you down with iron binds 
Is this day and this time 
   G        D 
Is yours is mine 
         Bm                  G                D 
I walked along the walls and there I saw your name 
            Bm                G                 D 
I choose to spend my feelings chance,  play the game 
Am                 Em                 C 
The stormy weather passed and left me here to find 
That the rain and the shine 
   G        D 
Is yours is mine 
   G        D  
Is yours is mine 
Gene Clark From "Echoes" and  "Gene Clark And The Gosdin Bros" 
Columbia Records 


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