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Back In The Saddle Again Teclado

Gene Autry


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Back In The Saddle Again

	  Tribute to Gene Autry, 1907-1998 
Well, my little Bucaroos and Buckarets, another of our white-hatted heros 
has left us to work at the feet of that big range-boss in the sky. Like Roy, 
Gene had influenced my moral upbringing in the days of the saturday movie 
matinee, before TV. Good always wins; Bad never prospers. I would like to 
believe that I carried the tenets he taught me as a youth through my adult life. 
With unashamed tears tricklin' down our cheeks, lets sing his theme song. 
as sung by Gene Autry 
as remembered by Charles Allen,  
4/4 brightly (G) 
G               D       G    G7 
I'm back in the saddle again 
C                       G      G7 
Out where a friend is a friend 
         C               Cdim 
Where we sleep out every night 
               G       Em 
Where the only law is "right" 
    A           D      G 
I'm back in the saddle again 
G          D          G    G7 
Riding the range once more 
C         Cdim G  G7 
Totin' my old '44 
          C                  Cdim 
Where the long-horned cattle feed 
       G             Em 
On the lonely jipson weed 
    A           D      G     G7 
I'm back in the saddle again 
Rocking to and fro' 
                       D     D7 
I'm back in the saddle again 
C            Cdim 
     G        Em 
I'll be on my way 
    A           D      G 
I'm back in the saddle again. 
note 1: as a youngster I learned this song with just a simple two-string 
"G", and "C" and "D". Ah, those memories. 
note 2: Cdim ? 


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