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Dear Cinnamom Tea Teclado

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Dear Cinnamom Tea


Intro: A B F# G  

A              B 
   never thought  
              F# G 
pass trought things we went trought 
A         B                F# G 
 waiting months and hours, all for you 
A              B                   F# G 
 incredible it could be, nicer its gets 
       A        B         F# G 
coming home and back you again 

D         C 
even now  
i've got a stronger reason,  
    D         C 
and no onelse 
you are my reason  
           D                 C     A 
to keep my heart and my mind awake 
      D                  C      E 
i can hear you and understand 

G            E 
 without your help                     
D                   B                  
see these days as a beautiful way  
              G            E 
you've got it, without out help 
I write to you: 
I don't give a damn for anyone else 

A B F# G 

       A        B          F# G 
coming home and back o you again 
A                   B       F# G      
this is when I say I´ve had enough 
                   A        B     F# G 
but i'm so glad to be with you I think ... 

D                       C 
 when my mind is out of sync 
my heart misses a beat 
I´m coming back to you again 

D                           C 
 maybe our time is a little slip 
    A                      D                       
my heart´ got a reason to beat 
     C              E 
I´m coming back to you again 

D  C  A 
D  C  E 

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