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About Father

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Intro : Em - D - C (2x) 

Em              D           Em   
   i can still remember him well 
Em                D                     G 
  he taught me of life and taught it so well 
Em                        D        
  he spoke of beggars and kings   
C                        Em 
 he said the best of all things 
C            D                 Em 
 be wise for wisdom sets a man free 

Em              D            Em 
  lessons fled away with the tide 
Em               D                   G 
  and his wishes dies in a soul of a child 
Em                   D 
  who only wanted to sing  
C                        Em 
 so like the bird on the wing 
C               D                   Em 
 up through the winds to set myself free 

Em                D         Em 
  seasoned now by trials of time 
Em          D                   G    
  softer to touch a mellow like wine 
Em                     D  
 it's somehow feeling alone  
C                    Em  
 took the journey on home 
C           D               Em 
 to see my  merlin dad ones more 

Adlib . . 

Em                   D           Em  
   i heard no words, heard me no tales 
Em              D             G  
  i saw no life, so ashen, so pale 
Em                 D 
  i saw my eyes growin' dim 
C                   Em  
 for it was only in him 
C           D                 Em    
 that i saw hope in destinies star 

Repeat verse i 

C            D                 Em 
 be wise for wisdom sets a man free fade 

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