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Once in a While Teclado

Frank Sinatra



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Once in a While

	   A                                                    C#m                                    Cm 
Once in a while, will you try to give one little thought to me. 
Bm                                              E7              A           F#7       Bb7        E7 
Though someone else may be. Nearer you heart. 
A                                                        C#m                             F#7          Cm 
One in a while, will you dream of the moments I shared with you. 
Bm                                   E7        A             D         A 
Moments before we two, drifted apart. 
     C#                      Ebm     Ab7   C#                     Ebm       Ab7 
In loves smoldering embers,          one spark may remain. 
   C#                  Ebm      Ab7   C#                   Ddim  Bm         E7 
If love still can remember,         the spark may burn    again. 
A                                                         C#m                 F#7           Cm 
I know that that I'll, be contented with yesterday's memories. 
Bm                                     E7            A            D        A 
Knowing you'll think of me, once in a while. 


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