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Goody, Goody Teclado

Frank Sinatra



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Goody, Goody

(Matty Malneck and Johnny Mercer)


E7    A    D9    A      Cdim      A 
So you met someone who set you back on your heels 
 A    Ab7    A 
Goody,   goody 
E7    A    D9    A       C#m5-/7  F#7 
So you met someone and now you know how it feels 
 F#7  Cdim   F#7 
Goody,    goody 
    Bm      Edim     Bm 
So you gave him your heart too 
F#7     Bm     F#7 Edim  Bm  
Just as I gave mine to  you 
    B7       D9     Cdim     B7 
And he broke it in little pieces 
D9   Bm5-/7    E7 
Now how  do  you do 
E7    A    D9     A        Cdim      A 
So you lie awake just singin' the blues all night  
 A   Ab7    A 
Good,   goody 
     A      E7       A     Edim        D9  
So you think that love's a barrel of dynamite 
    D7M   D6 Dm7+      Dm6 
Hooray  and  hallelujah 
  A7M  C#m5-/7    F#7    
You had it coming to ya 
E7    A    Edim  D9 
Goody,  goody for him 
 A    C#m5-/7 Gdim  F#7 
Goody,  goody  for me 
   D7M       D6     E7/13     Bm5-/7       A 
And I hope you're satisfied, you rascal, you 

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