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Go your own way Teclado

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Go your own way

Áño: 1977 - Álbum: The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac

{F}Loving you Isn't the right thing to do {C} 
{Bb}How can I ever change things That I feel{F}  {Fsus9} 
{F}If I could Maybe I'd give you my world {C} 
{Bb}How can I When you won't take it from me{F}  {Fsus9} 
{Dm}You can {Bb}go your own {C}way (Go your own way) {Dm}You can {Bb}call it an{C}other lonely day (Another lonely day) {Dm}You can {Bb}go your own {C}way (Go your own way)
Tell me why Everything turned around Packing up Shacking up is all you wanna do If I could Baby I'd give you my world Open up Everything's waiting for you ____________________________________________ Contribuição: ([email protected])

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