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Promenade Teclado




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Intro: D G F# G (Muted x1) 
       D G F# G (Load x 1) 

verse 1: 

D                      G                           D 
There was smoke in the air, When he came around and saw 

He was really alone 

D                  G                   D               
Memories look like blood in the water, Sweet and ugly pain 

Just like confetti in the rain 

D                    G 
He was known for his bedside manner 

   F#                     G 
He wanted to believe That people only hear what they see 

 D                 G 
He had a good time being the bad guy 

F#                             G 
He didn't wanna understand why That old song makes him cry 


A                  G                              D 
I remember when it felt like We were walking with God 

Little heaven when the sun goes down 

Walking hand in hand down On the promenade 

D G F# G (x1) 

verse 2: 

D                 G                          D 
He was alone in a dark room, Overlooking the mall 

                  G                  D 
With a gun in his hand and no one to call 

He was waiting for a reason to fade and run 

D                       G 
Just like photos in a window That turn blue in the sun 

D               G 
People used to call it a breakdown 

          F#                         G 
Now we medicate to make it go away 

D                         G 
People used to call it a mid-life crisis 

        F#                                G 
He just sits there, looks at pictures of himself 

From way back in the day 


A                G                              D 
Remember when it felt like We were walking with God 

Getting stupid in a stolen car 

Making love in the garage Behind the promenade 


D    F# 
     I think I need to slow down 

G    E 
     I think I need to slow my roll 

D    F# 
     I need to put the gun down 

G                    E 
     I feel so lost, I feel so out of control 

D                 F#                G 
I broke myself in pieces to make my name 

I broke those people dumb enough to get in my way 

D                  F#                    G 
Now I look in the mirror and I can't see me 

How can you swallow the world and still be hungry? 


D                G                              D 
Remember when it felt like We were walking with God 

Holding hands with my dad and my mom  

A              G 
Walking in the light to see you sitting 

On the promenade 

Outro: D F# G A# C (2x)

D                F#                             G 
Remember when it felt like We were walking with God 

                 A#                C            D 
Remember when it felt like We were walking with God 

D         F#        G                A#                 C           D 
Remember, remember, remember when it felt like we were walking with God 

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