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You've Changed Teclado

Eva Cassidy



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You've Changed

	   G7      C7M  Am7     Cdim       F#m7         Em   B5   
You've changed  the sparkle in your eye is gone  
      Em6            A7   A9  D7/9  
Your smile is just a careless yawn  
       Cdim        A7     Em7     D7M     B7  Em7/9  A7/13-  
You're breaking my heart; you've changed.  
G7      C7M   Am7      Cdim          F#m7   Em   B5   
You've changed  your kisses now are so blasé  
       Em6              A7    A9 D7/9  
You're bored with me in ev'ry way  
 Cdim         A7     Em7    B7  
I can't understand, you've changed  
          F7M        Am7       Fm7    Bb7  
You've forgotten the words "I love you"  
     Gm7     Cm         C7  
Each memory that we've shared;  
        F7M          Am7    Fm7       Bb7  
You've ignored ev'ry star above you  
        Em7        Gdim   Dm7    G7  
I can't realize you ever cared.   
       C7M     Am7      Cdim          F#m7     Em   B5   
You've changed  you're not the angel I once knew  
    Em6             A7   A9    D7/9  
No need to tell me that we're through.  
    Cdim       A7     A7/13-    D6    Cdim  Em7  A7/13-  D6   
It's all over now  you've changed.  


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