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Answer Me, My Love Teclado

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Answer Me, My Love

(Fred Rauch and Gerhard Winkler)

Intro: G6 D Fdim Em7 A9 A7/9- D6 

D          A 
Answer me, oh, my love 
  G                Gm      D 
Just what sin have I been  
Guilty of  tell me how  
I came to lose your love 
Fdim   Em7    A7      D 
Please answer me, my love 
 D             A 
You were mine yesterday 
G               Gm       D 
I believed that love was here to stay 
G6                           D 
Won't you tell me where I've gone astray 
Fdim   Em7    A5-/7     D 
Please answer me, my love
F#m                    D7             
If you're happier without me 
I'll try not to care 
                          Dm7            E7 
But if you still think about me  
Please listen to my prayer 
D             A 
You must know I've been true 
G                  Gm       D 
Won't you say that we can start anew 
G6                  D 
In my sorrow, now I turn to you 
Fdim   Em7    A9  A7/9- D6 
Please answer me,  my love 

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