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Run For A Fall (acoustic) Teclado




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Run For A Fall (acoustic)

	  So this is basically my "Falsches Spiel"(german version from this song) tab, 
but since it got barely views I thought people wouldn't notice they can play 
this song so... the english version for everyone.  


Dm     Am       F   Dm    Am  F 
Do not use the past as an alibi 
    Dm     Am      F         Dm     F        Dm 
For all of your deficiencies always standing by 
Dm        Am   F     Dm      Am        F  
Face you negligence, do not fool yourself 
Dm      Am        F      Dm       Am        F      Dm 
Shortcomings will soon appear for weakness shows itself 

F      Dm   E    Dm 
Blind from your succes 
E   G      C     F 
And all of the excess 
E     G        Am        Dm 
Deaf from the praise you had 

Don't cry out of self pity in forcing your way through 
For I will not be vulnerable to slander made by you 

Blind from your success... 

Dm      Am             F 
In a misty veil, misplaced 
      G              Am 
Where castles in the air will be  
No longer seen 
    F               G 
As something out of reach 
    Dm      Am              F 
In time the dream will be erased 
So many things 
     Am           F 
Will never be the way they seemed 
     C                    E       Dm 
And pride will have it's fall at last 

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