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I love you because Teclado

Elvis Presley


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I love you because

Áño: 1956 - Álbum: Elvis Presley [RCA]


	  I Clove you because you C7underFstand, dear, 
Cev'ry single thing I try to G7do.
You're Calways there to lend a C7helping Fhand, dear,
I Clove you most of G7all because you're Cyou.F  C

C7No Fmatter what the world may say aCdimbout Cme,
I D7know your love will always see me G7through.
I Clove you for the way you C7never Fdoubt me,
but Cmost of all I G7loce you 'cause you're Cyou.F  C

I Clove you because my C7heart is Flighter,
Cev'ry time I'm walking by your G7side.
I Clove you because the C7future's Fbrighter.
The Cdoor to happiG7ness you open Cwide.FC

C7No Fmatter what may be the style or CdimseaCson,
I D7know your heart will always be G7true.
I Clove you for a hundred C7thousand Freasons,
but Cmost of all I G7love you 'cause you're Cyou.F  C

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