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Your Biggest Mistake Teclado

Ellie Goulding



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Your Biggest Mistake

	  This is my tab of Your Biggest Mistake, A just an acoustic guitar version, its  
with a capo on the 5th fret,its pretty accurate so enjoy!! :) 


Verse Part 2 

   F        G  
But you let go 
         Am      G 
Cos your hope is gone 
      F                  G 
And every question fades away 

Pre Chorus. 

      C                             G 
Its a shame you dont know what your running from 
           Am                         G 
Would your bones have to break an your lights turn off 
         F              G                  C             G        Am 
would it take the end of time to hear your hearts false start. . .  

G Am You know this is your biggest mistake G C what a waste what a waste what a waste G Am And of all the things you never explained G You know this is your biggest mistake
Intro/verse part 1 repeated bridge C G Wipe the mud spray from your face Am G stop the engine, Stop pretendin C G Wipe the mud spray from your face Am G stop the engine, stop pretendin F That your still breathing. . . Then its just the pre chorus an chorus again and your done!! :) Ending the song on an Am sounds the best :) Hope you enjoy it!!

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