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Swingin' Shepherd Blues Teclado

Ella Fitzgerald



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Swingin' Shepherd Blues

Áño: 2007 - Álbum: Gold


A7   Em7 A7  D   A6   D 
Along    a  mountain pass 
      G      D   A6   D 
There is a patch of grass 
G          D      A6  D        D6      D7 
Where the swingin'   shepherd plays a tune; 
      G        Fdim   G 
His sheep never    stray, 
G      Fdim      G 
Dancin'    all   day 
Gdim              D       Em7  Fdim  D   Cdim 
Til they see the pale and yellow    moon, 
     B7       A7  Em7/9  A7 
And then he leads  his  flock 
    Em7      Gdim Cdim A7 
And homeward they all rock 
A   A9   A   D   D7       G    Gm7  A  A7  A7/6   D 
To      the tune of the swingin'   shepherd    blues 
D9    A7    D9     G 
Come home, shepherd 
D      A7  D6/9  A7   D7 
Play those haunting trills 
G6  Fdim      G      Fdim 
Come   home,  shepherd, 
D      F#m   Em7    Fdim  B7 
Let it echo through the hills, 
    Em7   A7  G/B    A   A9  A   D  D7 G Gm7 A A7 A7/13 D6 
The swingin'    shepherd       blues. 

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