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Whats It Gonna Be

Intro: Bm D G Gbm Bm E 

What's it gonna be..please tell me. 
Is it really me..please tell me. 
Are you out for fun, only lovin' on the run 
             E   Em        E   Em   
and leave me cry-in', ahh, cry-in'. 

Bm                              D 
What's it gonna be..(tomorrow)..will he set  

me free?..(tomorrow.) 
Bm                     G 
Gotta know for sure, a broken heart don't  
have a cure. 
It just keeps hurtin' (hurtin') ahh, hurtin' 
(hurtin') and when I'm hurtin' (hurtin') I  
can't stop hurtin'. 

C G D I want a love that's here to stay, baby, please. C G A The kind of love that I can count on, every day.
#3. Bm D Ah, got a hold on me..you know it..what's it gonna be..you know it. Bm A G Want a love that's so fine, but I'll just turn Bm E A around and go cause I can't take it (take it) I E G can't take it (take it) I can't face it, my A heart won't make it.
C G D I want a love that's here to stay, baby, believe me. C G A The kind of love that I can count on every day. Bm mmmmm..
INTERLUDE: Bm A G Gb Bm G Bm A G Dbm Bm OUTRO: Bm Gbm what's it gonna be?..mmmm..tell me. Bm G Bm (What's it gonna be?)..baby, tell me. Bm G A (What's it gonna be?)..tell me, baby. Bm (What's it gonna be?)..(Fade.)

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