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She passes by Teclado

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She passes by

Intro: G D4 G D4 C D4 C D4 
          G          D4                
I look at her for the very first time 
           G             D4 
I think of her ?cause I know she?s so fine 
        C      D4          C       D4 
And I guess, no, I know she?s blast 
And this ain?t got a cure 
But she feels and nothing but me 
This is real and else I can?t believe 
And I cry, I feel so down, I cry 
G G G G D4 While she passes by, she looks at me G D4 And I, I try to talk but she just walks and by C D4 I look for old shares like a soap C She squeezes thought with me D4 She my only doap And she feels nothing, but I think I?m in love She is always laughing and she flies like a dove Maybe I?m dumb, maybe she?s too good I feel so alone, I feel like I?m in the moon
Na na na na na na na She?s alone, I guess I might talk to her, I make a mess I know, this is like playing chess I?m all far one step and I know she?s the one I don?t want to let her being alone While she looks at me, and she doesn?t smile Maybe I wait and see, I?ll wait for a while But she goes away, and I feel so empty I went another day, I?m afraid this is fortality Chorus 2x

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