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Dream Theater



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Morning breaks 
Beyond the night 
Am                                Em 
And she's a worlds away 
Through crowded streets 
Em                                                    Am 
This quiet hooded stranger makes her way 
Please excuse me; 
Sir, can you help me? 
F#m                                      Am 
Where can I find this man? 
C#m                                                   E 
Sorry, can't speak, someone is waiting 
C#m                   Em 
Yes, I understand. 

Em               Bm 
As her will starts to fade  
Em                            C 
And all but disappears 
Em               Bm                                       Em 
Like a ghost, suddenly a boy is standing there 
And all is clear 
                       Am               C                    Em 
I'm your friend, trust me, don't be scared. 
Bm                                     Em 
I am looking for your father, and I promise I can help. 
                           Bm                                        Em 
Now take my hand, we haven't time to spare. 

Hopeful and innocent 
F#             B 
Sensing no danger 
He sees humanity 
A                     B 
Behind the stranger's eyes 

C#m                  F# 
Her true identity will be revealed 
                 E         A             B 
When she sheds her disguise 

C#m                       A         Abm 
My intentions are faithful 
F#                                                     C#m 
There's a chance we can still end this game  
I'll be forever grateful 
To see him once again  
You dare to stand 
Before my eyes! 
You're one of them 
A                             B 
Why would I trust you? 

It's not like that! 
I can't go back 
                  A                                B 
Hope fades away with each passing second! 

D                                Bm 
Lost in this moment 
                         C#m      E 
Is where I want to stay 
D                            Bm 
This can't be broken 
                           C#m     F#m 
We need to find a way 
              D                             E/G# 
Gabriel, I would wait a lifetime 
A                          D 
Just to see your face  
                       F#         E            A 
But all we have is one more day 

D                                 D/F#                             Bm 
I remember your father was moved by my song 
Em                               E/G#                              A 
I know when he sees we're united, then he'll understand 
             F#m                           G 
We will walk this road together 
            F#m                           G 
We will face this hand in hand 
   D                                  Bm 
With music and love on our side 
We can't lose this fight 
A                                             D 
Tomorrow our dream comes alive 
C       D#       D 
Comes alive 

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