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Loosing Time Grand Finale Teclado

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Loosing Time Grand Finale

	  Cm                         Ab 
She dresses in black everyday 
Bb                     Gm 
She keeps her hair simple and plain 
Cm                         Ab 
She never wears makeup 
Bbsus4                                            Bb 
But no one would care if she did anyway 
Cm                  F7/A 
She doesn't recall yesterday 
Bb7/Ab                            Eb/G 
Faces seem twisted and strange 
Cm                         Ab 
But she always wakes up 
           Bbsus4                         Bb 
Only to find she'd been miles away 

Am               Em 
Absence of awareness 
C   D   E9   E 
Losing Time 
Am            Em 
A lapse of perception 
C   D   E9   E 
Losing time 

Cm/Eb    Ab      Bb/D 
Wanting to escape 
Gm               Cm   Ab    Bbsus4   Bb                         
She had created a way to survive 
Cm     F7/A          Bb/D       Bbm/Db 
She learned to detach from herself 
Cm                 Gbdim   G7sus4   G 
A behavior that kept her alive 

C                                    Dm/C 
Hope in the face of our human distress 
G/B              F/A                 Em/B                  F 
Helps us to understand the turbulence deep inside 
      Bb        Gsus4   G 
That takes hold of our lives 
C                                             Dm/C 
Shame and disgrace over mental unrest 
G/B                   F/A                 Fm/Ab 
Keeps us from saving those we love 
        C/G                   D/F# 
The grace within our hearts 
Fm      G7sus4   Ab 
And the sorrow in our souls 

Ab                Ab/Bb 
Deception of fame 
Vengeance of war 
Lives torn apart 
Losing oneself 
Spiraling down 
Feeling the walls closing in 
A journey to find 
The answers inside 
C/E  C   D   E 
Our illusive mind 

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