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Lullaby Of Broadway Teclado

Doris Day

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Lullaby Of Broadway

	  Lullaby of Broadway:Doris Day. 
Top of the charts in 1951. 


A                 Bm         E              A 
Come on along and listen to..the lullaby of Broadway. 
                   Bm        E              A 
The hip hooray and ballyhoo..the lullaby of Broadway. 
D               Em            A                 D 
The rumble of a subway train..the rattle of the taxis. 
                  Em         A               D 
The Daffydils who Angelo's and Maxi's. 

E      A             Bm               E                 A 
When a Broadway baby says good's early in the morning. 
                 Bm                 E         A7 
Manhattan babies don't sleep tight..until the dawn. 

D G D A D G D A D Go...od night, night, the milkman's on his way. D G D A D G D A D Sle..ep tight, tight, let's call it a day. Hey!
(ORCHESTRAL BREAK:) #3. C Dm G C The band begins to go to town..and everyone goes crazy. Dm G C You rock-a-bye your baby round..til everything gets hazy. G Am D G Hush-a-bye..I'll buy you this and hear your daddy saying. Am D G7 And baby goes home to her sleep all day.
C F C G C F C G C Go...od night, night, the milkman's on his way. C F C G C F C E Sle..ep tight, tight, let's call it a day. Dm Em G G7 C Listen to the lullaby..of old..Broad..way...(Fade.)
A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.

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