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I Didn't Know About You Teclado

Dinah Washington



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I Didn't Know About You

Áño: 2007 - Álbum: Music for Lovers


Em7/9     Edim          D7M          D6 
 I  ran around with my own little crowd 
    G7     F#7        Gdim         B7 
The usual laughs, not often, but loud 
           E7/9          E7   Em7 
And in the world that I knew 
        A7/9    A7  F#7  B7  E7/9  A7 
I didn't know about you 
       Em7/9     Edim         D7M        D6 
Chasing after the ring on the merry go round 
      G7       F#7      Gdim          B7 
Just taking my fun where it could be found 
              E7/9         E7   Em7 
And yet, what else could I do 
        A7/9  A7   D   G  Gdim  D  D7M 
I didn't know about you 


D7       Am7    D7/9 
Darling, now I know 
Am7        D9   Am7  G6   G/B  Am7 Am5-/7 G6 G5+ 
I had the loneliest yesterday            everyday 
Gm7     C7 
In your arms 
Gm7         C7         F      Fdim   E7 
I know for once in my life I'm living 
Em7/9       Edim       D7M         D6 
Had a good time ev'ry time I went out 
   G7         F#7          Gdim     B7 
Romance was a thing that I kidded about 
E7/9     E7 E7/9  E7  Em7            
How could I know about love 
    A7/9    A7   F#7   B7 
I didn't know about you 
E7/9     E7 E7/9  E7  A              
How could I know about love  
A7/13-  A7/9-  D  G  D 
I didn't know about you. 

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