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Steve Fauser

	  Intro: F Bb 

Modern things are like masturbation 
Am                   Bb   
I don't give a fuck, I don't give a damn 
When you're touching me with a finger 
         Am                 Bb 
but you probably asked for more head, yeah 

What will it take to get you off my back 
       Am                        Bb 
You're not a parasite, you're on fucking crack 
I just wanna go skate with my friends 
             Am               Bb 
So why don't you get lost and please get "?" 

F Am Bb x4 

F                   Bb 
 We weren't born to lose 
     F              C    
 But baby, we still do 
F                             Bb        F             C 
 cause theres so much fucking shit to deal with and I quit 
F                   Bb 
 So give me another beer 
             F                                  C 
 We're gonna drink until the sun comes up or at least till theres no beer 
F                       Bb              F                        C 
 And I believe god will find us, and forgive us for these stupid things 

Play F and Bb until the end 

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