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The Old Man Is Dead Teclado

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The Old Man Is Dead

	  C       C/B          Am
Now and then, an old friend of mine,
F                     G
I've not seen for sometime,
C         C/B    Am
will stop by and ask me,
             F                    G
where've you been, what's on your mind,
     F                  G
they wonder why I'm not drinking,
          C             C/B      Am
and still painting this old town red,
F                       G
I tell them I'm serving Jesus now,
        F   G      C
and the old man is dead.
F G The man you see before you, C C/B Am may look a lot the same, F G I may wear the same old clothes, C C/B Am and still have the same old name, F G but your looking on the outside, C C/B Am if you could see inside instead, F G you would see a brand new man, cause, F G C the old man is dead.
C C/B Am I used to live such a wicked life, F G I had no hope in sight, C C/B Am I was lost in darkness, F G just searching for a light, F G and then one night in a little church, C C/B Am after hearing what the preacher said, F G I gave my life to Jesus, F G C and the old man was dead. (Chorus)

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