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Butterfly Teclado

Daniel Gerard



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	                  G                C             G 
Fell in love in the wink of an eye, 
                                 C               D7 
with a girl who was called butterfly. 
             G            C                           G 
She said, she loved me so, she could not let me go, 
                 D                       G 
but still I had to say goodbye. 
          G                                       C                        D7 
Butterfly, my butterfly, I?ll come home to you one day. 
          G                         C         D                     G 
Butterfly, my butterfly, wait for me, don?t fly away. 
            G              C              G 
Never fly in the heat of the sun, 
                                          C                 D7 
fold your wings when the long day is done. 
           G               C                   G 
Stay home, and wait for me, till I get back again, 
                        D                      G 
counting the minutes one by one.   + Chorus 
                G               C               G 
When a man has a yearn to be free, 
                              C             D7 
he will sail to the end of the sea. 
        G                          C               G 
I won?t be gone too long, but while I travel on, 
                         D                          G 
just fold your wings and wait for me.   + Chorus (2x) 

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