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Photographs You Are Taking Now Teclado

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Photographs You Are Taking Now


E B E When the photographs you're taking now are taken down again G#m B D# When the heavy clouds that hide the sun have gone E B E The millions of us on the hill from the star to lands end G#m B When photographs you're taking now are taken now press send
Interlude This is a precious opportunity beware of the photographs you are taking now verse 1 G#m C# We are flying over black sands G#m C# In a glass aeroplane G#m E C# Crashing in slow motion G#m D#m E In another cityscape game G#m C# Where the feeling is supernatural G#m C# Like passing into other worlds G#m E C# G#m D#m E We're ending this dissolution when the mother-ship it explodes Chorus verse 2 We were walking as zombies on over To the church of John Coltrane Eight hours on the bus from sunset with freedom taking cocaine In the ? and chords of nature All is but a vanity And the metronome knows that defeats you is the monochrome that you seek Chorus Interlude Photographs you are taking now Photographs you are taking now

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