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Wasteland Teclado

Dakota Motor Company

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by Dakoda Motor Co.  
as heard on Into the Son 
(C) Copyright 1993 Horchata Music  
Transcribed by Israel Slick  
              Note: This song only has 4 chords that  
              are repeated over and over. 
            I've been through the  
            wasteland and 
            It's only a mile ago from here 
            and now it's a memory but 
            It's only a smile ago fram here 
            Heretell You love me more  
            than once in a while 
            'Cause I want to see You smile 
            and I want to be all that I  
            Can be from here 
            and if I ever doubt, Lord, 
            What life's all about from here 
            The song ends with C G C 


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