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This is a real easy song, if you don't know it then you probably wouldn't 
look up the tab, so I know you can figure out the rythum. 
opening:  C G A F (over and over and over again) 
C                       G                         A 
                          F                      C 
Yesterday and a year ago, we were once the same, but not anymore and I'm just 
G                                 A      F                   
 happy to see you in the mean time.  Lookin' around for rags to cover up nast 
scars that were left behind from messin' around school with moon shine. 
A#                                G 
I' m so happy you're not (can't tell what it says there) 
C     G                       F 
I'm Ugly, but you were unglier 
C       G                    F 
It's a good thing I can see 
I'm smelly, but you were smellier 
I'm so glad that you're not me. 
A#(Bm)                    G 
I'm so happy you're not (bad?) 
intro again ( C G  A  F) 
VERSE AGAIN ( yesterday and a year ago...) 
chorus twice and end on... 
A#                                 G                  C 
"I'm so happy you're not (bad)      ........Yeah. 
---------------------------------------------tabbed by Mike Lowery, but 
figured out by Matt Rieder.  e-mail me if  you know the words that I messed 
up on.  [email protected] 


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