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Body And Soul Teclado

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Body And Soul

(Johnn Green, Ed Heyman, Ed Sour and Fran Eyton)

Introdução: G6 Am7 Bm7 Bbm7 Am7 Fdim 

Am7 Am7/G  Cdim  D7         D5+ 
My  heart   is sad and lonely 
G6       Am7      Bm7 Bbm7 Am7 Fdim 
For you I sigh, for you dear only 
Am    Am7/G          B7 
Why haven't you seen it 
Em7         D7/9 D5+       G6 
I'm all for you  body and soul 
Am7 Am7/G    Cdim     D7 D5+ 
I   spend my days in longing 
G6        Am7      Bm7 Bbm7   Am7   Fdim 
And wond'ring why it's me you're wronging 
Am      Am7/G      B7 
I  tell you I mean it 
Em7         D7/9 D5+     G    F#7 
I'm all for you body and soul 


G           Em7              G9         D7 
I can't believe it, it's hard to conceive it 
     G     Am   D7/9    G 
That you turn away romance 
Am7          Cdim        G9             F#7 
Are you pretending it looks like the ending 
  Am7       C    D7      G     F#7       F7     E7          
Unless I could have one more chance to prove, dear 
Am7  Am7/G   Cdim   D7      D5+ 
My  life a wreck you're making 
G6       Am7      Bm7  Bbm7   Am7 Fdim 
You know I'm yours for just the taking 
Am  Am7/G      B7 
I'd gladly surrender  
  Em7      D7/9   D5+   G     
Myself to you body and soul 

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