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My Rifle My Pony And Me Teclado



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My Rifle My Pony And Me

	   (Dean Martin & Ricky Nelson in the movie Rio  Bravo) 
Transcribed by Petra Lehmann 
C Purple light in the F canyons that's where C I long to F be 
With  my C three good F companions just my C rifle, pony and F me 
Gonna C hang my F sombrero on the C limb of a F tree 
Comin' C  home sweetheart F darling just my C rifle, F pony and C me 
With the wind in the F willow sings a C sweet melo{F}dy 
Ridin' C to Ama{F}rillo just my C rifle, pony and {F}me 
No more C cows to be F ropin' no more C strays will I F see 
Round  the C bend she'll be F waitin' for my C rifle, F pony and C me 
For  my C rifle, my F pony and C me 

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