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Innocence Song Teclado




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Innocence Song


Intro: C  F  Fm  G 

verse 1: 
C               G 
Innocence, it's shining light 
F                C 
Feeds on what it knows is right 
    C7                  F                 C 
But you'll just have to trust in what you know 

verse 2: 
Old enough to be in love 
    F                 C 
But too young to know what it does 
  C7              F            C 
I dreamed it all again just to know 
    Bb                   Am           C 
And dreaming's just like going to the show 

C   F   Fm  C 
Aah aah aah aah 
C7  F   C      F  C  G 
Aah aah aah 

verse 3: 
C                 G 
Where you want to be, is all 
    F                C 
And what you want to see, is all 
    C7              F               C 
The good and bad in all, we have to show 

verse 4: 
When we dream in fantasies 
F               C 
Magic sparks of mysteries 
     C7                 F                  C 
Wind naked through your head all where you go 
   Bb                   Am                  C 
To feed you when you're high or when you're low 

C   F   Fm  C 
Aah aah aah aah 
C7  F   C       G  Am  Ab    G 
Aah aah aah 

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