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I Ride An Old Paint Teclado



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I Ride An Old Paint

1.I     ride on old Paint, I lead an old Dan.  I'm 
2.      Old bill Jones had two daughters and a song; 
3.Oh,   when I die, take my saddle from the wall, Put it 
        D7                      G 
        off the Mantan' for to throw the hoolihan.  They 
        One went to Denver,& the other went wrong.  His 
        on my pony and          lead him from the stall.  Tie my 
        D7                      G 
        feed in the coulees,they water in the draw;  Their 
        wife, she died in a     poolroom fight, And he 
        bones to his back,turn our faces to the west, And we'll 
        D7                                      C               G 
        tails are all matted, their             backs are all   raw.(Chorus) 
        sings this song from                  morning till      night:(Chorus) 
        ride the prairies we                    love the        best.(Chorus) 
        D7                                              G 
Ride a- round, little dogies,                   ride a- round slow, For the 
        D7                              C               G 
        fiery and snuffy are a-         rarin' to       go. 


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