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Angela Teclado

Cory Morrow

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C   G     F     C 
C                                      G 
Do you remember being just sixteen 
C                           G 
Fall in love and feelin free 
F                                               G 
there was this girl and she filled you rmind  
F                                      G 
and you swore she'd be the one this time  
C                                               G 
She never turned her head when you walked by  
C                                           G 
You never made her laugh or caught her eye 
F                                 G 
But you swore in silence every night 
F                                         G 
some how you would make her turn your way 
F                 C                       F               G 
And she would fall under your magic spell 
F                  C 
And the days go by 
C                                                     G 
Oh I wish she could have seen me in a different light 
F                                                 C 
I wish that I had told her on that faithful night 
C                                        G 
Maybe then she could have been my bride  
F                                      C 
And I'd stop searching every day and night 
C                              F                              C 
Oh Angela can you ever feel the way I do for you 
C                             F              G                    C 
Oh Angela don't you know I'll always dream of you 
Few years pass your turnin round eighteen  
Your still wonderin what those feelings mean 
You catch her eye and you start to smile 
She turns away but just for a little while 
You tell her it was always meant to be 
She says don't give your heart so easily 
She kisses him and holds him so tight 
You scream lord that should be me 


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