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Flying Teclado

Cody Fry



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verse 1 
A                      D 
Where did my wings go? 
I could've sworn I could fly 
Straight up into the sky 
A                        D 
Boy, I should have known 
It was all just a lie 
No one on earth can fly 

Chorus Bm7 E7 E7sus Bm7 Thought the things you said would turn out true E7 E7sus Bm7 Guess that's what I get for trusting you D E A You said if I believed enough, that I would fly D A D Why didn't I?
verse 2 A D Did faith let me down A/C# Or did I not have enough? D That distinction is tough A D Still, I thought your hands A/C# Protected me from the fall D Did you mean that at all?
Chorus Bm7 E Bm7 Thought the things you said would turn out true E Bm7 Was it even you I listened to? D E D I thought if I believed enough, that I would fly
Bridge F#m E A/C# D Air is rushing past, and I can barely see F#m E A/C# D Seems like this fall will be the death of me F#m E A/C# D Any second now, the ground will come to take me home A/C# D F#m E A/C# D Suddenly, a peace that I cannot explain F#m E A/C# D Feels like the wind is running through my veins F#m E A/C# D Oh, and all that I can do is close my eyes as you lift me up E You lift me up Instrumental
Chorus Bm7 E7 Bm7 All that I know now is sky and cloud E7 E7sus . Bm7 Don't know when my feet last touched the ground D E A You said if I believed enough, I would fly

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