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You Just Cant See Him From Teclado

Chris LeDoux


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You Just Cant See Him From

     You Just Can't See Him From the Road By: Chris  LeDoux  
  C                              F              C                         
You don't see him much on the big screen  anymore 
                       G                 C                                
The kids don't ride along with Roy or  Gene 
                                            F               C            
And that ain't  really him with all those feathers in his  hat 
                             G                   C                        
And some frenchman's name embroidered on his jeans  Chorus: 
  Am                                C                                     
But he's still out there ridin' fences 
   Am                              G                                      
Still makes his livin' with his rope 
    C                                      F              C                
As long as there's a sunset he'll keep ridin' for the  brand 
                 G                  C                                     
You just can't see him from the road  How'd he ever learn to  two-step, he barely learned to walk 
But he's worn a lot of leather off the  tree 
He's had one or two good horses that he counts among his friends 
And  he never drew a breath that wasn't free  Chorus: Well, he's tall in the  saddle, short on the cash 
The last to quit, the first to buy the beer 
He's  a knight in leather armor still livin' by the code 
That's made what he's been  for a hundred years  Chorus:     


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