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Silence On The Line Teclado

Chris LeDoux

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Silence On The Line

	  D            G             A 
Took my last fall in San Diego 
D          G                A 
Bus headed north one headed south 
G        A           D 
I call a farm in Colorado 
      G                            A 
And I lift a dusty pay phone to my mouth 
D        G                   A 
She says hello I say it's me hon 
D       G              A 
Sorry I stayed away so long 
         G                    A                    D 
Tell the kids thier old man's through with playin' rodeo 
         G                                A 
Cause if it's alright with you I'm comin' home 
Well there's silence on the line 
She says you sure did take your time 
But I still need a man for the things a man is good for 
Em                         C 
You know how it is raisin' crops and raisin' kids 
  G              A                   D 
Demands a man at least as fit as you are 
So come on git on home there's hay that needs a mowin' 
A boy that needs a whippin' and a hundred things to do 
I hope you've finally found your mind 
To leave that rodeo behind 
           G                 A                D 
I've spent half my life just waitin' here for you 
D                     G               A 
I guess that nows the time I'd better tell her 
D                 G                           A 
Hon I've got this old friend that's here with me 
   G            A            D        A       G 
He used to be a cowboy and a good one so they say 
But now his legs are crippled he can't walk you see 
D                    G                 A 
But hon you ought to hear him tell his stories 
D                  G               A 
Sing the old songs play the guitar too 
    G              A            D 
I'd really like to show him Colorado 
      G                                 A 
But I thought I'd better leave it up to you 
Well there's silence on the line 
And now I hear her sayin' 
Babe I only need a man for the things a man is good for 
    Em                   C 
And you know how it is a place just half this big 
  G              A               D 
Demands a man at least as fit as you are 
Put yourself in his place it'd awful hard to face 
D                                            A 
All the chores and work and nothing he could do 
       Em                              C 
If you want to know my mind leave that rodeo bum behind 
      G                  A                D 
Don't waste our time I'm waitin' here for you 
D                     G          A 
Well cryin's just for kids I put down the phone 
D              G               A 
Fumble with my crutches movin' slow 
  G               A                 D   A    G 
I wish that I was on the bus that's Colorado bound 
G                        A           D 
And I hope the weather's nice in Mexico 


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