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Play It Loud Teclado

Chris Cagle

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Play It Loud

	  Into: B B A A E E A A B B A A E (Twice) 
 B            A                 E                                      
Hey, hey turn up that song, I think about you when it comes on 
 B           A              E 
And I get lifted off the ground 
 B             A             E	 
And when your in my arms, I feel the beat down in my heart 
 B            A           E 
It makes my world spin around 
G#m                   F# 
So come on baby, you know the moments right 
 E                                   F# 
Yea, take me by the hand and we can rock away the night 
          B            A            E 
I wanna dance to the break of day, to the music that we make 
 B             A              E 
Theres never been a sweeter sound 
          B          A                   E 
I wanna wake the neighbors, make the headlines in the morning paper 
 B           A             E 
No, I dont wanna turn it down 
                F#                      A A E (let ring) 
Cause theres nothin like the rythem of Lu u uv   
So play it loud 
(play intro again but only once) 
(2nd Verse) 
You're like a melody and girl it gets all over me 
When you move the way you do 
And when I feel your touch, then it gets to be too much 
You know it put me in a mood 
Come on baby, don't be shy, just open up your heart and hold on tight 
(Repeat Chorus) 
(Repeat last 2 lines of 1st verse *** So come on baby.....) 
(Repeat Chorus) 


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