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Country By The Grace Of God Teclado

Chris Cagle


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Country By The Grace Of God

Gm   Bb   F   C  (x4) 
Gm      Bb          F               C 
Hot sun goin' down, heatin' up this little town 
Gm                        Bb                F     C 
The cows are feed and the plowin's all been done. 
Gm          Bb         F                       C 
Moon light, fireflies, beer on the bank by the rivverside, 
Gm               Bb                 F    C 
We're gonna have ourselves a little fun. 
D                            C 
Dancin' on the tailgates and raisin' a little Cain, 
D                           C             F 
Rockin' in the pastures and rollin in the hay. 
               Gm  F  C 
It's the life I love, 
             F        C        Gm      F  C  Bb 
And I'm gonna live it 'til they bury me. 
                  Gm  F  C 
I can't get enough of, 
               F     C              Gm            Bb  F  C 
Dirt roads, and dusty fields and the simple things, 
D                   F 
And I take pride in everything I've got. 
'Cause I'm American-born and, 
Bb      C               Gm  Bb  F  C  Gm  Bb  F  C 
Country by the grace of God. 
Verse 2 
I dont need no Cadillacs, you cant put no hay bails in the back, 
It wont cross a creek or tow no heavy load. 
I dont like a high-rise cluttering up my clear blue skies 
Dont wanna be where the city's all that grows 
Some are born with a silver spoon and some come from a farm, 
Some have a ball in the mansion, but we get down in the barn. 
lead solo 
          Gm  Bb  F  C  Gm  Bb  F  C 
D                               C 
We build a world of dreams on a big ol' piece of land 
D                                        C 
We're free to do anything we like, we're country so we can 
(play chorus) 
Great song to play! 


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