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Gm7				  D4(7)      Gm7 
 I watch 'em all pass by the moon and stars 

			    D4(7)		Gm7 
 Let me hold him in my arms,     forever more 

			     D4(7)             Gm7 
 These cold nights, the park       is  ours 

 Standing, by the side 

     Fm9     Bb7          Eb7M(9)	     E7 
 Let you go, on, to the sea,       just for me 

 Don't ever leave me, my love 

 Keep holding on, let the modest go 

	Gm7					     D4(7)  Gm7 
 As my mic goes to and fro, waking up for one more show 

 We see him in the night, tell him I'm not afraid of him 

			Gm7			Bb7M(9) 
 I'm not afraid of 'em,     cause I won't know 

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