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Little Road Teclado

Cheryl Wheeler



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Little Road

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Intro: C  F  Em  F  Em  C 

                 F               Em 
How can there be trouble in this world? 
         F               G      
With the colour in these hills 
    F            G 
The blue October sky 
     F      C         F               G 
This little road that winds along the river 

C               F               Em 
Dusty barns and tractors in the fields 
    F                     G      
And families sit in front yards 
   F                 G 
Or stand outside the churches 
F                 G          
Kids are throwing footballs 
    F                G 
And pulling carts of pumpkins 
        F       C      F         G      C 
And the morning sun is sparkling on the water 

                      F               Em 
How can there be such trouble in this world? 
          F                 G      
Where the mountains roll so gently 
F                 G      
Deer graze on the hillsides 
F                 G      
Birds chat on the phone lines 
    F          C         F                 G 
The whole wide world's a prayer for Sunday morning 

    C                 F              Em 
The geese inspect the stubble in the fields 
    F             G      
And all along the roadside 
F                G      
Families stop to wonder 
       F           G      
At the new October morning 
      F                  G      
And a red tailed hawk is circling 

      F               C 
And a father hugs his daughter 
       F                 C                Am               F 
And an old man holds the car door for his wife to come and see 
          C                 F 
Then they turn and smile at me 
              Dm      G               Am 
How can there be such trouble in this world? 

  F                 C                  F            G 
I know of course, I know, that this is not the only picture 
  F                  C                   F  ~ G 
I don't of course, I don't, know what to do 

Instrumental: F  C  F ~ ~ G F  C  ~ ~ G   C  F  Em  C   

                           F                Em 
But the road keeps winding through the afternoon 
       F                G        
And it doesn't know the sorrow 
      F              G 
Or an inkling of the shadow 
       F               G 
Of the rage across the water 
    F              G 
The hatred and the horror 
        F                    C               Am           C 
It just wanders through this valley with the river by its side 
       F                    G 
As the light fades from the sky 
    C         F                    C 
The beautiful light fades from the sky 

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