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Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me Teclado

Carmen McRae



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Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me

( Duke Ellington e Bob Russell)

Introdução: A6 D6 A6 B7 A6  

E7           Am7               A7M      E7  
Do nothin' till you hear from me 
Em7        A7                 D7M   D6  
Pay no attention to what's said  
Dm7          G9                 A7M       F#7  
Why people tear the seams of anyone's dream  
B7   E6        A6    D6    Fdim     E9  
Is over my head.  
E7           Am7                A7M      E7  
Do nothin' till you hear from me.  
Em7           A7           D7M      D6  
At least consider our romance 
Dm7             G9               A7M            F#7  
If you should take the word of others you've heard  
B7   E6         A6     D6 Fdim E9  
I haven't a chance 


Gm7   C7       F7M   Gm7       C7  
True I've been seen      with someone new 
     Gm7           C7      F7M        F7  
But does that mean that I'm untrue                    
	 Dm7   A7M     C#m5-/7        F#7  
When we're apart the words in my hear  
Bm5-/7        B7         E7     B7    E7  
Reveal how I feel about you       
E7           Am7                A7M      E7  
Some kiss may cloud my memory 
Em7          A7               D7M    D6  
And other arms may hold a thrill  
Dm7             G9               A7M         F#7  
But please do nothin' till you hear it from me  
B7    E6         A6     D6 A6 B7 A6  
And you never will 

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