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All The Way Teclado


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All The Way

Áño: 2002 - Álbum: Busted [2002]

Tono:  A Más
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    A                        E                      D                        
It happens every time, your giving me the sign, we start to get it  
E                D         E        A                              E          
on but then you stop me.      You know Ive had it up to here, you need to be  
            D                    E               D          E          
more clear Coz your the one who let me here so take me. 
          A                           E                              D 
Coz you said that you would but then you changed your mind how could you 
                    D             E           A 
do this to me its just so unkind.    and its cruel if you say that you'll 
E                      D                     D                    A    E  D 
go all the way i cant wait for the day that you dont change your mind. 
A                  E                     D                   D 
Ill never let you down, ill always be around when you need someone to 
E                   A                              E 
catch you when you fall down. Im waiting here for you if you decide you  
D                   A                       E                 D       E 
want to.    If you want me to stay then im only a phone call away. 
Contribuição: Jamilie {Banda Dusty}([email protected]) 


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