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Delilah Teclado




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	     Am    Am/G         D7/F#        D/F# 
1. Lady Delilah - she enslaves me 
   F             Ab             Eb    Db  G  
   I'm bound and chained by her lies   Lies 
   Cm              Cm/Bb        F/A 
   One look in her eyes and she breaks me 
         Ab             G 
   And I fall down like rain 
          Ab             G 
   As the wind sings her name 
Dm G Em A Ohhhhhohhhhhh Ohhhhhohhhhh F#m B Em A Ohhh Delilah Ohhhhhohhhh D C B I was the strongest man alive A# E A Bb/A (below x2) 'Till you came along - my Delilah
2. She deceived me but believe me it was alright To touch her lips was to kiss the blades of her knives Why do things we know are wrong feel so right? Worth a lifetime of pain For one night to sing her name Oh, Delilah? I was the strongest man alive 'Till you came along - my Delilah Solo: Am | Am/G | F#m7/5- |(F#m7/5-)| F | Ab | Eb | Db G | Cm | Cm/Bb | Am7/5- |(Am7/5-) | Ab | G | Ab | G | Ab G Well I'll never be the same Ab G Cause that girl - yeah, she's to blame Ab G How could I love again Ab G Since she took my heart away. (same chords here!) And then someone said her name And I tore at my flesh to dull the pain of the sound And ripped from the chains and the walls came down And I lay covered and bound E And I called out her name?

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